What is the cost?

Traveling expenses: We ask that you cover our traveling expenses (varies with location). We would be happy to dialogue with you personally regarding your particular destination.

Honorarium: We are sensitive to the reality that ChurchesRetreat Centers, and Organizations have varying means. We do not have a fee schedule and leave the honorarium amount to your discretion. Our general rule of thumb is that your honorarium be an average of the last three speakers you have invited to bless your people. We ask that you remember Walking In The Promises has needs like any other ministry and depends on the generosity of God’s people to meet its obligations. We also ask that all gifts be issued exclusively to the ministry of Walking In The Promises.

What people are saying:

“This was amazing!”

“This conference has helped me turn my focus to the Lord and nurturing my kid’s souls. Thank you!”

“What a great parenting message. I wish all of today’s church could hear it.”