Jesus Christ, The Delight of The Christmas Season

By Marcelo Tolopilo

I wanted to take this brief opportunity to express my heartfelt desire that you would all experience joy in the Lord Jesus this Christmas season. He is what this marvelous time of the year is all about, and in Him we find our soul’s satisfaction. Whatever your circumstances may be I pray that you would know His presence and the attending joy that comes from delighting in Him.

In the coarse of the last few weeks I have read Luke’s account of the Christmas story repeatedly (Luke 1:26-2:40). God’s Spirit has made several impressions on my mind as I have meditated on this passage. Among the many things, I am simply amazed at the wondrous miracle of Jesus birth. It truly stretches the limits of my simple mind to consider that the Second Person of the Trinity, God Almighty entered the stream of human history and experience as an infant. I can’t get over that! It absolutely arrests my senses. God became an infant boy! Wow!!

The Apostle Paul tells us the following regarding the Lord Jesus, “For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities – all things have been created by Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” (Col. 1:16,17)

What these verses teach us is that the Lord Jesus is the agent of creation (16). In other words, all that is, from the macro worlds to the micro worlds, from the visible to the invisible, the material to the spiritual, Jesus Christ made it all and He made it all for His good pleasure. Furthermore, Paul tells us that it is Jesus who holds it all together (17). He binds the cosmos together by the exercise of His Divine power.

Einstine spent his life searching for the unifying principle that knit the universe together. Though he was unsuccessful, his great mind led him to recognize that something invisible forms the glue that solidifies creation. What Einstein’s natural mind could not comprehend apart from the Spirit of God is that Jesus is the principle, rather the Person that keeps matter from flying apart. Jesus created everything and holds it all together.

Now think about that in relation to Christmas. On Christmas day some two thousand years ago the Eternal God who exists beyond the confines of time and space, the Creator of all that is, He who fashioned angles and men was born! How? Where? To poor parents, in a barn, on the outskirts of an obscure little village of an enslaved nation.

He was born as a helpless child dependent on His creatures to wrap Him, feed Him, keep Him. Surely the hosts of heaven must have watched His birth in utter astonished silence? And when I think about this great miracle I can hardly express the wonder that captivates my mind especially when I consider that Jesus was born in order to initiate God’s great redemptive plan for me, for you.

Before Jesus could lead a perfect life, fulfill the Law, take our sin upon Himself, suffer the infinite wrath of God against that sin in our place, and rise again from the dead, He had to be born! God born in a manger! What a miracle!

As we think about the true meaning of Christmas it is so easy to keep Jesus as the focus of our festivities. It’s all about Him and for Him and may He be the delight of your Christmas. To Him be honor and glory forever! Amen!

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