What kind of groups does Marcelo speak to?

Men's Retreats & Breakfasts

A popular expression of our service to the church is Marcelo’s ministry to men. A devoted family man, an avid sports junkie, and an admitted struggling disciple, Marcelo is able to relate to men on many levels. The significant impact of his ministry to men, however, is not found in clever anecdotes, or carefully crafted stories, but in his ability to explain and apply God’s word to Christian men of all ages.


Marcelo has a passionate interest in the Christian family. He understands these are complex days in which to raise a family. Yet in midst of today’s bewildering chorus of “expert” voices, Marcelo believes the clarion of God’s word rings out with clear, tested, and sure principles that empower us to build godly homes and through them impact the world around us.

Camps & Conferences Centers

Through the years a common venue for Marcelo’s teaching has been the Christian conference center. Time and again he has witnessed the Holy Spirit use His word to impact people in a lasting way. Because of the unique atmosphere that Christian camping creates, Marcelo believes that it remains one of the most significant catalysts for change in the lives of individuals, couples, and families.


Nothing is closer to the Lord’s heart than His church. For this reason we believe our highest calling is to equip the local church to impact our world. While we serve the body of Christ through many venues, it is our great privilege to minister to the local church. Many of the most rewarding efforts Marcelo has experienced through the years have come from sharing God’s word in church pulpits, missions/Bible conferences, and special events.

Homeschooling Organizations & Groups

An experienced homeschool dad of four, Marcelo believes that homeschooling is one of the most dynamic ways to shepherd our children in Christ. This belief along with his unwavering commitment to the authority of scripture has enabled Marcelo to speak effectively with insight, compassion, and conviction to homeschoolers all across the United States.